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Интересное видео про автомобиль Do you have plans for your tax return this year? Vacation? New furniture? New car? What would happen in 20 years if you invested $5,000 today? Well golly we will explain the answer!WATCH OUR LAST DEBT KICKIN' SUNDAY VLOG!you for watching our videos! We would like to invite you to become a part of our crazy family! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! HOLLA! You can also follow "DEBTISDUM" on Facebook and Twitter!All kinds of money saving goodness and common sense can be found at Yah Dave Ramsey is pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread and keeps this family on the straight and narrow! Все об автомобиле
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Recently found your channel...loving it so far. My family is a little over 2 years into our FPU journey and are still active in helping with the class at our church. We still get a huge tax return since we claim no deductions. While we know that we could have the money all year, it is an iron clad savings for us. WIth our? return we pay our car insurance for the year, set money aside for Christmas, and pay off debt.
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Hi! Our adult son has no debt, has paid of his school loans, but is temporarily unemployed. He's wanting to start his own business (8 yrs. experience) so would start by buying a used truck he'd need with the almost 4k he's getting back? on taxes. What would you advise???.
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Thank you!!!!?
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I don't get a lot back. I tend to spend mine on a new? tattoo or piercing but NOT this year. It's going towards my debt snowball.
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We used our tax returns to pay off our last credit card! Now all we? have to pay off are the cars and student loans! I'm so excited to be done with credit cards, it really is the best feeling.
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Thanks for this video!!! Stop it.... such a great idea. We will probably pay down debt and put a thousand in savings. Over a year ago, I went from working full time to being a stay at home. So we are adjusting financially. Great advice.... we? do plan on having a small shopping spree, like a hundred to buy whatever we want but nothing too crazy.
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We're purchasing a much needed outdoor shed and putting most into savings as our backup or cushion and paying off debt. I don't know if you have a video showing the snowball solution to get out of debt, but that's what we use. We learned it from our pastor when we first got married, and used it to get? rid of all of our credit card debt, and now were using it to pay off our house. We've been paying on our house for 3 years and we should own it in 8 years using the snowball. =)
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We are using ours to pay off debt. :) This will make us debt free minus the car and the house. We try to do that every year. I know that sounds stupid. We should never charge the credit card up, but this year was a rough year with my? husband losing his job. :(
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It's being spend? on the snowball!! :) my husband said (jokingly) he was going to spend it on a motorcycle.... I laughed and said that is not such a good idea for our marriage.
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Christine, I love your outfit! :) Ours is going to refill the emergency fund, pay off debt, and possible put some? in our sinking funds. We are going to try to stretch it as far as it will go!
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I have always used my? taxes to pay debt down!